Taurus weekly horoscope february 22

Our advisors reveal all here! There is some likelihood that you will be haunted by thoughts of your love life today. Perhaps you are intrigued by the idea of exploring certain realms of your relationship that remain secret, yet you are unsure how to communicate this to your mate. Or perhaps you're still testing the waters, waiting until you're sure of how you feel. In any case, you may make a decision to proceed today! Today you could feel a sense of creative restraint.

Your work duties might require you to stick within a certain schedule.

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Or perhaps you have to present yourself in a particular way. It's hard to act the part when you're feeling restless. Try to make time and space outside of work where you can really be yourself. You'll want to remove that tie and those shoes and dance barefoot in the grass at some point! Keep careful track of things today, for you will find that the smallest detail will make the biggest difference.

Don't hesitate to go with your hunches when something simply doesn't sound right. Stay focused and try not to get caught off guard when emotional issues come up out of the middle of nowhere and disturb your thought process.

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Trust yourself at all times, regardless of what is going on around you. You may find it hard to latch on to something and stick to it today.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope February 22nd to 28th - Sidereal Astrology

Your mind may feel fragmented, and it may be hard for you to focus. But be aware, this cycle is about breakthroughs, which are coming your way in an array of forms.

Only days ago, you thought both existing plans were in order and those that involve the future were settled, too. Perhaps every few days. You prefer to leave the door open for unexpected miracles. Those miracles are coming, but not in the way or from the direction you imagine. The sooner you let go of the past, the better.

Everybody loves hearing about good fortunate coming their way. That being the case, explore absolutely everything, including ideas or offers that seem unappealing. Ignore them. Forgot about them and tackle it all yourself. It will be easier for everybody.

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However, with your ruler Mercury retrograde, and in the somewhat paranoid sign of Scorpio, you could find yourself worrying far more than usual. While unsettling, those concerns are worth investigating. The discovery that somebody has been keeping important facts to themselves is, obviously, upsetting. But think about it.

You do the same. When that happens now, discuss them. And right away.

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The results will amaze and delight you. Learning about exciting but unexpected offers or opportunities is fun. What you learn will make it clear those events could add to your life in amazing ways. Bear in mind that the world around you is in transition, which means that the more flexible both arrangements and your thinking are, the better things will go. Certain people and even arrangements or organisations are dear to your heart. So much that you sometimes overlook minor shortcomings until they become major problems. Or you can discuss any issues frankly now, while changes are still possible.

As is always the case during periods of change, certain well-meaning individuals are offering advice. Some will make suggestions, then leave it to you.

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However, others expect you to do exactly as they say. Thank them, then gently but firmly explain that you may include their ideas but are making your own decisions. Only days ago, you feared that battles over which plan was best and, even more, issues about minor but significant facts could delay progress for ages. Even commenting on such matters seems petty. This is clearing the way for something new, and more worthwhile. This birthday is about breakthroughs. For some, it does. Make the decision to keep it alive and, and in the years to come, and it will be a part of your life forever.

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You might receive a fabulous bonus from your job or an extra-generous commissions split or royalty payment.

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You could also cash in on a settlement that is owed to you. You'll be pleased. When it comes to love and romance, you might be disenchanted with your mate this month. You might feel as if you're in a thankless relationship near November 14 when Venus squares off with Neptune.