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In other words we can pick and choose what we want our child to be. Astrologically also the time is ripe. By Western astrology from October 11, to November 8, Jupiter the planet of prosperity and good luck will be in the sign Scorpio. In simple terms Scorpio is directly associated with life — death — regeneration. Life means the child as it is. Death means the end of the line.

Regeneration means the child reassembled, resurrected and actually made new and different. And this is what the biologist and experts of genetics are trying to do as you are reading this piece. Therefore by astrology its surprisingly enough also fills the bill.

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Your former 87 years old professor of English realises too well that massive problems of ethics, moral conduct, integrity are involved in this. Hitler with his master race theory still sends shivers down our spine. But as an astrologer of more than 80 years of experience I have had parents coming to me and being utterly miserable about children who are retarded, defective, unable to fend for themselves. Two of my own children are not exactly normal.

Therefore I know where the shoe pinches. If we can improve the conditions of these innocent but helpless children in any possible way it is our duty, our dharma to do so. Cynics, dogmatic persons, perhaps a few religious heads will disagree with me by saying that we have no right to interfere with the course and sap of Nature.

But let me quote just one example. The present mighty aviation industry owes much to the former test pilots who experimented with aeroplanes at the cost of their own lives. Nothing ventured nothing gained is certainly true. Times have changed. The race of life must start on an equal footing for all the children. That is the crux. Let me put it all in another way. We are all energies powerful and capable of creating a better and brighter world. To me at least nothing but nothing in the world is more important than the development of a child.

The child needs the soil of security, the air of curiosity and the waters of love. But above all the child needs to be normal, active, intelligent, brave and honest. All these attributes are now possible to be given to the child.

If we do not do so generations to come would be more than welcome to whiplash us into ignominy, shame and defeat. In short I am trying to say we are human beings. We can be demi Gods. We now have the technology and the ability to go to the end of the line — and even beyond. Yes we have the power to meet God and Mother Nature in all Her abundance and variety.

Let us do so. There was this savage with rippling muscles, disheveled hair, broad of beam chest , standing tall and straight on top of a mountain. In his hands he held a dead young woman, light, willowy, almost musical hair streaming down her unimaginably thin beautiful face. She was a vision of beauty, wonder and light. She was seemingly light as a feather or a leaf.

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Obviously she must have been his mate because he was howling and yelling and shouting abuses at the high heavens because of her death. Actually this savage was challenging the skies to do battle with him instead of the dead woman. Why do you have to take away my mate? Why do you have to take away my heart so brutally and ruthlessly.

Come on skies! I challenge you to fight me to the death. If I win will you make my woman come alive? If I die it will be my privilege to be with her forever. She is not only my beloved. She is my honour.

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She is my life. I will have the sweet satisfaction of dying with my beloved. Lightning flashed, thunder roared, rains poured in almost metallic heaviness and power. They literally struck the savage down and pummelled him to the ground in one big heap. It was an awful sight.

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The blood ran down the mountains but it was not only red. There were numerous colours to the heap which poured down the mountains — black, blue, green, violet, indigo, pink and all the other shades which are present today. Till that time white was the only colour. Now we talk of multi colours and love and say that love is a many splendered thing. But what happened to the cross?

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Forty years ago I met an American psychic and this is what he had to say about the cross. The cross was so heavy that nobody could lift it. The cross somehow or other lay in the woods. It was not noticed by anybody because the woods were dark and deep. We do not know how and why but one day a child living in the woods saw the cross.

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Children are curious and want to explore everything. Therefore the child went near the cross, saw the cross and was tempted to lift it to see what lay beneath it. The child lifted the cross, so effortlessly and so easily as if it was a toy.

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A great light enveloped and embraced the child. The tilted cross remained still at an angle. The child clapped his hands in sheer glee and happiness. Then the child danced around the cross. Finally the child kissed a part of the cross.