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Age of planet:. Infant: The infant stage of a planet is between the and degree. Any planet that has less than 1 degree in your horoscope is infant. That planet is like a little baby who sleeps all day and doesn't know exactly what's going on. Those planets tend to act without direction, without maturity and without sense. However, the infant planets wake up and mature up between the age of These planets will tend to keep people in regards to their significance and the houses they rule in your horoscope. If Mars is infant in your horoscope and you have a Taurus ascendant, then Mars is ruling your 7th house of marriage and legal partnerships and 12th house of foreign lands, jail, hospitals, looses, hidden treasure and isolated places.

If Mars is sitting in the sign of Cancer in the 3rd house with less than one degree position in your Taurus ascendant horoscope then it will do several things for you.

Delays the marriage. Make sure lazy regarding your effects in life and regarding marriage. You will wander like a lost soul in regards to your siblings, higher learning and dealing with enemies.

You can even go to jail due to your 'stupidity' or 'stupid action'. You will also have trouble keep a steady job, Why? First, Mars is in the 3rd house of siblings, courage and effort. Second, Mars from the 3rd house 'aspects' the 6th house of enemies, 9th house of long distance travel, higher learning and your teachers, also, Mars aspects the 10th house of career.

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Third, Mars will make feel lazy towards religious beliefs, higher learning in school and long distant travel. Anytime you go to a distant land to visit or to stay, you will feel like a lost soul because Mars is infant and Mars represents energy and will power within you and since Mars is debilitated and is less than 1 degree, it's like a double edged sword. Although you might have a will power, it would be used in wrong action and wasteful actions.

You will have abrupt and uncanny anger, and short temper. Now, let's make an example out of infancy of Mars and conjunction. If let's say Mars in the 3rd house for Taurus ascendant is less than 1 degree, but, this time Venus is sitting in the 3rd house at 3 degrees with Mars, this make a 'close' conjunction between the two planets.

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This is just a small part from my upcoming book:. Conjunctions The Speed of Light. March 17th What are conjunction in astrology? Types of Conjunction Charging Army of Planets: Age of planet: What are Functional malefic and Functional Benefic? Planetary friendship in conjunctions: What is a virtual conjunction? Retrograde planetary conjunctions: Let's start on conjunctions About The Sun: Sun and Moon conjunction: Sun and Mercury Conjunction: Sun and Venus conjunction: Sun and Mars conjunction: Sun and Jupiter Conjunction: Sun and Saturn Conjunction: Sun and Rahu conjunction: Sun and Ketu Conjunction: About The Moon: Moon and Rahu conjunction: Moon and Venus conjunction: Moon and Mercury conjunction: Moon and Jupiter conjunction: Moon and Mars conjunction: Relationships are not only important to them, they require a fair amount of excitement, adventure, and passion in their pairings in order to feel alive and vital.

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With this conjunction, there is generally a pleasing blend of self-assertion and cooperation. This is not always the case, however. For the most part, these people are quite direct about what they want in a relationship, and they are quite passionate when it comes to going about getting what they want.

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It can be a challenge maintaining perspective when it comes to relationships. These people are generally highly creative and are bent on finding outlets for their creativity. Their vitality and warm energy is something that can be felt by others, as if it lies just below the surface.

Venus square or opposition Mars. They are passionate people who seem to need an active romantic and sexual life to drive them. Often, this area of life is somewhat challenging, especially in youth. Especially when they are young, there can be a real awkwardness in their social skills—this may or may not be apparent to others, but these people most definitely feel it themselves.

These people are highly creative and generally are driven to express that creativity. Their passion for romance is often channeled into their creative output. For example, challenges in relationships may be a large part of the drive behind their poetry, music, or other art. Love and hate are very much mixed together for people with Venus square or opposition Mars in their birth charts.

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Some level of competitiveness, anger, frustration, or angst is present in their romantic relationships. In some cases, abuse is present, either in the form of receiving or giving it. Although they are quick to anger, they are generally just as quick to forget about it. Interpretation sample from the Karmic Insight report — In this lifetime the erotic impulses of human love, desire, and sexual relationships are a highly charged focus of your attention.

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Expressing your sexual energies and personal magnetic attractiveness in ways that are loving and respectful or at least not harmful to yourself and others will be one of your issues. Dominating others through your sexuality or allowing yourself to be dominated in this way is also a theme.

Dissonance or turbulence in intimate relationships, especially over differences in sexual drives or needs, must be handled with care. Expressing your passion in ways that are compatible with your own values and sense of beauty is the key here. On another level, balancing and integrating masculine and feminine energies within yourself is the challenge. Carrying or wearing watermelon tourmaline can be quite useful along these lines.

Venus sextile or trine Mars. It is easy for these people to attract attention of the positive kind. They radiate charm, vitality, and enthusiasm on some level that others appreciate. Not inclined to try to cover up their flaws, these people have a way of presenting themselves in a straightforward manner, and their ability to admit their mistakes and their fumbles only adds to their charm.

They find it easy and natural to get along with both sexes quite equally. They possess considerable creative talent, but whether or not they use it is dependent on other factors.