Love horoscope for january 3

Danica McKellar was born on this day. Your business savvy helps you make progress in the work or career department, but it is best to focus on your current workload than to take on anything new. Overconfidence can cause you to make a business or investment mistake.

What January's Capricorn Horoscope Means for You

March, when your judgement is better than usual, is the best month to make job changes or to commit your heart to a new partner. Combine business with pleasure to wind up in a top dog position. With your determination to succeed all you require is an ally with equal vision and imagination.

Uncertainty about a project can undermine your confidence. Move forward with your most original plan without hesitation and before you can say "second guess" it will be completed. Conventional wisdom will not answer your questions.

You are at your best when making innovative, creative and off the wall ideas. Let a special someone spoil you with an extravagant treat.

Libra 12222 Horoscope

Too much partying may have cut into your work schedule or perhaps the holidays have put you behind in other ways. It is time to pay strict attention to duty and to honor neglected obligations.

LEO July Aug. New faces or places might briefly touch your life and add a touch of excitement to your day.

Capricorn Horoscope January - Love and Career Predictions | Allure

Take a much-needed break from a monotonous or rigid routine and enjoy fleeting pleasures and passing people. Good ideas are abundant, and you should not be shy about showing them off.

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Venus moves into Sagittarius on January 7 where she'll remain until February 3. Matters of the heart will become more optimistic and buoyant for everyone. In fact, love will feel like an adventure that truly helps you reach new heights.

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Pay attention to the extraordinary romantic blessings that may come your way near January 22 when Venus and Jupiter embrace. This should be big. A Lunar Eclipse on January 21 in heart-centered Leo will make that Venus-Jupiter blessing even more of a fulfilling moment. Cherish the love this month.

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