Leo january tarot prediction 2020

I'll feel better physically and mentally? Will I find a job?

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You can also listen astrological predictions for each of the 12 zodiac signs in audio video format. The best year horoscope weather and astrological predictions for leo sign. In these predictions are taken into account especially the positions of the planets Jupiter and Saturn that give more or less a good idea of how to evolve the year for the 12 signs.

To get the most accurate predictions do not forget to read the horoscope for your sun sign and your ascendant.

Leo Year of 2020 Reading

Make a summary of the two readings because you have so much detail and you will have more accurate information. The ascendant can calculate it at this website page if you do not know it. Download the free book for the new year here. Love Leo on a sentimental level this new year has no complications of any kind but it is not even exceptional if you want to carry out some projects with the person you love.

If you are thinking of going to live in a new home with your partner it would be much better to take time and think very precisely about a step that can be nice but also complicated in the future. Certainly Mars from the month of June starts to be really very positive and allows you to be lions under the sheets with a noticeable increase in charm and magnetism until the end of the year.

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One must be careful of the crises of love that can be accentuated by Saturn moving into Aquarius during the year and in the month of December. If you are lonely hearts you should not underestimate any chance of going out, going to new places and meeting new people, making new friends that can be very promising for next year.

Although it will be very difficult to give birth to a great love, these months can be very beautiful to live on a sentimental level with an eros worthy of the best lover. If you are going to have a child, the most fertile period could be the one from June onwards with the physical energies that increase thanks to Mars in trine, however every important decision must be well evaluated. Improvements in the family, in interpersonal relationships with your parents and children and the possibility of making peace with a relative with whom you had a fight in the past.

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The first part of the month and in particular until March, Jupiter and Saturn can create a fairly positive and stable period in love but with little enthusiasm under the sheets and then you have to try to use all your creativity to be able to revive the relationship. Job - career - money - Leo theoretically this year is not exceptional for the job but if you have been able to exploit last year, when Jupiter was very positive and brought good luck in business and new projects, these months may be months in which to reap the benefits of your hard work of the past year.

So now you can get good earnings and implement projects that until a few years ago were unthinkable and impossible to achieve. On an economic level, therefore, Jupiter and Saturn give stability but at a professional level, perhaps many of you are not happy yet and try to achieve greater successes but with various difficulties to face.

You have to progress very slowly without exaggerating and throwing money away in professional collaborations that maybe enrich only someone you know but not yourself. Certainly the energies from June are excellent and you can work day and night and for many hours to carry out some projects but you must also find a period of peace to recover psychophysically.

If you are very young and you have to pass some tests, preparation is essential and you do not have to be very careful about details while if you are looking for a new job or you are going to change what you already have, take advantage of the second part of the year but before that December may arrive because during this month the new astrological position of Saturn will not be favorable and will create various professional obstacles. Very positive conversations during the first three months but if the salary is not exceptional many of you might refuse to look elsewhere.

But if you miss a useful opportunity, the risk is not being able to find another good job and then those who are content during this year can enjoy. Very strenuous real estate investments to carry on. Pay close attention to the documents. Luck - fitness Leo during this period, but especially during the first three months of the year, Jupiter and Saturn are very favorable even if the energies on the physical level are very lacking.

All this means that luck is with you but the commitment must not be missing. If in the last year you started a new business project then in these months you could get a great success but it comes thanks to the luck of Jupiter of the past year and your hard work. In terms of health you should not have any problems and if you decide to start a new course in the gym you could also do dangerous and very tiring sports but during the autumn and winter of this year when Mars in trine will offer a lot of energy to your body. If you love to travel for fun or you have to travel for professional situations, the best period is related to the first three months because then the opposition of Saturn can create some complication, some obstacles and even minor accidents or even, but only in serious cases, interventions surgical teeth or bones for falls and fractures.

However, if you travel for work and in places very different from where you live, you may know new people very useful for your professional progress and therefore you do not have to renounce moving to other cities if your job requires this. Luck does not come if you do not move. If health can only be good during the months when Saturn is not in opposition to your sky, the energies can be so effective from the month of June that you will sexually have a considerable erotic charge to exploit under the sheets and your partner can be very happy. To conclude, we can say that if you have a legal or bureaucratic problem, the solution could still be far away, but it will certainly arrive and resolve every situation.

Work and money. Luck and fitness. Aries: only the second part of the year is very good for you with lots of energy that allow you to act very well in work and love. As for the economic sector you have to be careful in the first six months because the costs can be many. Taurus: a very good year for you with significant opportunities at an economic and business level and with good chances to meet a person on a sentimental level especially if you are lonely hearts.

Your relationships will become more intimate by mutual visits and by exchanging gifts on every Saturday. Take your partner out on weekends and spend as much time that you can with your partner. Try and develop that emotional and physical connection between both of you.

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The stronger the love is, the better it will be for your relationship. A long-lasting relationship is going to make Leos feel more joyful and enthusiastic if your relationship works out well, can convert it into a marriage bond as well. People who are willing to tie the knot this year, it would be the most appropriate time for you for you to get married.

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You will experience a successful marriage this year as the Leo love horoscope predicts. So make the best use of every opportunity you get to make your relationship get smoother.

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  • It might lead to a breakup. Even though Leo love astrology predicts all roses in your love life, just remember even roses come with thorns.

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    According to the Leo love life in , your marriage and sex life is going to bloom this year. Make the best out of it. Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Login Or Register. Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. Leo Love And Relationship Horoscope